Thursday, 25 December 2014

Pudina Chawal/Pulao-Mint Rice

Rice varieties are a speciality in India.No matter which region it belongs to but  formation is  complete and balanced, and have taste of their own.Everyday is not the  same,so ,is also cooking!! Sometimes we feel like being less in kitchen and devote more time to other activities be it watching a movie or reading a book but want something to eat that tastes the best and involves less time and effort.Here is one such recipe of rice with fresh mint leaves and a blend of few spices that makes it taste divine..The best part in this recipe is that it has no onion or garlic,though it can be added for those who like it.It can be packed in lunch boxes or even good as a travel food.
The recipe credit goes to my friend Sanjukta who cooks yummy food in no time.

Rice(sona masoori)                         1 1/4 cups(1pav)
Salt                                                  to taste
Water (for cooking)                        Rice:water-1:2
Paneer Cubes                                  10-12
Fresh/frozen peas                            1/3cup
Lemon Juice                                    1/2tsp

For Masala:
Pudina/Mint leaves                          4 fistful(mushti/mutti)
Green chillies                                   2-3(as per your spice liking)
Ginger  Choppings                           1tsp
Fresh/Dry coconut                            1/4cup

For Seasoning:
Oil(any variety of choice)                3-4tbsp
Mustard seeds                                  1/2tsp
Jeera(cumin)                                    1tsp

Wash rice nicely and then soak it for 30 minutes.
Make a paste with the mentioned ingredients by first blending ginger,chillies and coconut to coarse powder then add mint leaves in batches using little water to a fine paste.
Heat oil in a pressure cooker and toss in mustard seeds and let it crackle,toss in jeera and allow it to sizzle.
Add masala paste and sauté for 3-4 minutes or till the rawness fades.
Add drained rice,salt to taste and give a nice stir.
Add fresh peas,paneer cubes ,lime juice and water and cover the lid.
Pressure cook to one whistle and simmering the flame for 5minutes.Switch off
Once you open the lid give a 5 minutes standing time as immediate mixing will ruin the texture of rice.
Carefully mix the rice with a slotted spoon evenly.
Serve with any raita or curry of your choice.    

The original recipe does not use any peas or paneer.I have added it as my son loves it!!
Onion can be added as well.Just used a medium sliced onion after mustard and cumin seasoning and sautéing to light golden and follow the remaining process

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