Friday, 17 March 2017

Eggless Orange Cake

This is a fantastic recipe for all eggless cake lovers.I have used fresh orange juice and doesn't require any fancy ingredient .The result is a soft textured cake with delicate flavour of oranges itself as no artificial flavour is used in this recipe.

All purpose flour                     1.5cups
Powdered sugar                      3/4cup
Baking soda                              1/2tsp
Baking powder                        1tsp
Orange juice                             3/4 cup
Curd/yogurt                             1/4 cup
Oil                                                 1/2 cup
Orange zest                               1tbsp


  • Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees
  • Grease a 9 inch baking pan 
  • Sieve flour,baking soda and baking powder atleat three times and set aside
  • In a wide mixing bowl cream together oil,sugar and yogurt until light.
  • Add orange juice,zest and mix gently.
  • Add flour in batches and gently fold the batter.
  • Pour into the prepared tin and bake for 35-40 minutes or till the tester comes out clean.
To get the said amount of juice in the recipe it required 4 kinnow oranges.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Chapparda Avre/Vaal Papdi Upkari(Subzi)-Sauteed Hyacinth Beans With Spices and Fresh Coconut

A very easy to prepare side dish with hyacinth beans or chapparda avre (Konkani/kannada)that can be had with rice,roti or just as a snackbowl is one more kind of  Konkani side dishes.This variety is even common with most of the south indian counterparts too,may be with a twist in the seasoning part.

Surti papdi/Chapparda avre
Hyacinth beans                                      250 gms
Salt                                                              to taste
Fresh grated coconut                          2-3tbsp
Asafoetida                                               2 pinches
Turmeric powder(optional)            1/4tsp

For seasoning:
Oil                                                              1tbsp
Red chillies                                             2-3
Mustard seeds                                     1tsp
Urad daal                                              1tsp
Curry leaves(optional)                   5-6

  • Wash the beans thoroughly with water and drain in a colander
  • Snap the tip ends to take out the fibre on both sides just like you do with any legumes.
  • Chop into desired size pieces.
  • Heat oil in a wok and toss in the red chillies(broken into pieces),once they change colour add the mustard seeds and wait till the crackling stops
  • Add urad daal ,once they are light brown add the curry leaves and chopped beans and stir on high heat for about a minute.
  • Add salt,turmeric powder and about 1/4 cup of water and bring to boil,cover with a lid and lower the flame.
  • Cook for about 5-8 minutes
  • Add asafoetida and fresh coconut and give a nice stir,it would become tender by now as this beans cooks very fast.
  • Cook for another 5 minutes covered sprinkling little water if it is too dry as to avoid burnt flavour.
  • Switch off the flame
  • Serve with rice or roti with any variety of daal


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Mushroom potato saung

This is traditional curry prepared by GSB community of south canara.Usually it is prepared using potato and onion but here i have used mushrooms in addition.It tastes heavenly with rice,neer dosa ,shevai(rice noodles)and so on.I have used ground masala by roasting coconut and spices which gives it a little thick consistency,else can be prepared using chilli powder and skipping coconut altogether.


Mushrooms                  100gms
Potato(boiled)            1 nos(large),cubed
Onion                              2 nos (large)sliced
Tomato                           1 nos(large)
Green peas,boiled     2tbsp(optional)
Salt                                   to taste

For masala:

Fresh coconut              2tbsp
Byadagi chillies          8-10
Guntur chilles              2-3
dhania seeds                1/4tsp
Tamarind                      chickpea size,soaked in water or use pulp if already having

Other ingredients:
Oil                                     1tbsp +1/2 tsp for roasting the masala
Mustard seeds            3/4 tsp
curry leaves                 5-6
Asafoetida/hing        a pinch
Turmeric/haldi          1/4tsp


  • Heat little oil in a kadai/wok and roast coconut gratings,chillies,dhania seeds on a medium low flame till coconut becomes light brown.switch off  and let it to cool.
  • Transfer the roasted ingredients into a blending jar along with tamarind and blend to form a smooth thick paste adding required amount of water.
  • Wash and wipe mushrooms,tomatoes and chop mushroom into quarters and tomatoes into medium pieces.
  • Slice onions into medium pieces.
  • Heat oil in the same wok and add mustard seeds,once the crackling stops add curry leaves and sliced onions and saute till it becomes pale.
  • Add turmeric, asafoetida ,mushrooms,tomatoes and saute.
  • Add cooked peas and potatoes and give a nice stir.
  • Add 1/2 cup water,salt to taste and boil well covered on a medium flame for few minutes till mushrooms are a little tender.
  • Add the prepared paste required additional water.This is a curry and should have a gravy consistency so add water accordingly.
  • Boil for some more time,can add fresh chopped coriander whis is optional.
  • After a while the curry becomes thick,boil adding water to maintain the texture.
  • Tastes best when served with white/red boiled rice or with panpolo/neer dosa,rice noodles and so on...

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Red Thai Curry

This is a very nice and tasty curry prepared using fresh vegetables,spices and coconut milk when served with either plain rice or any kind of fried rice.It truly tastes heaven and also gives a restaurant feeling but of course healthy as home cooked food is always the best.


Spring Onion                                2-3nos(chopped)
Baby corn                                      4-5nos(cut into fingers)

broccoli florets                            1cup
Carrot(sliced)                               1/2cup(1" fingers)
Oil                                                     4-5 tsp

For paste:
Red chillies

(byadagi variety)                        5nos
Onion(s)                                          1nos
Garlic flakes,peeled                   8 flakes
Ginger,fresh& chopped            1tsp
Black peppercorn                       4-5 nos
Coriander seeds                          2tsp
Cumin seeds                                 1/2tsp
Soy sauce                                      1/2tsp
Lime juice                                     1tsp
Jaggery                                          1/2tsp
Salt                                                 to taste

Other Ingredients:
Fresh grated coconut            1cup(tender variety)
Rice flour                                    1tsp
Basil leaves                               3-4(fresh or dried)
Lemon grass                             3-4 pieces(1" pieces)

  • Boil red chillies with little water,cover and set it aside.
  • Blend coconut using about 1-1..5 cup of water in batches and extract milk,to this add rice flour and give a nice whisk.
  • In a blending jar take the red chillies(drain the water)and blend coarsely,add all the ingredients mentioned for paste and prepare a smooth paste adding required amount of water.
  • Heat a skillet and add the sliced carrot,baby corns drizzling a little water.Cover and cook for2-3minutes,once tender add the cauliflower/broccoli florets and a tsp of oil and saute for 2-3 minutes adding a dash of salt.Cover and cook for another 2 minutes,let stand for few minutes.
  • Set the sauteed vegetables on a plate.
  • Heat the same skillet used for sauteeing vegetables with 2-3 tsp of oil and saute chopped spring onions for couple of minutes.
  • Add the prepared red paste and saute on low flame for 5-7 minutes stirring in between.
  • Now add the sauteed veggies,salt to taste,jaggery,coconut milk,basil leaves,lemon grass,add water if the gravy becomes too thick.\
  • Cover with a lid and cook on a low flame for 5-7minutes.
  • Serve with white or boiled rice or noodles.
Try serving this curry with Vegetable Fried rice from this blog.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Sweet Chutney(with tamarind and dates)

This is a very tasty recipe of sweet chutney that I follow these days which can be served with chaats,dhokla and stuff like that.With a little effort one can prepare this and store in a bottle jar that comes out handy whenever need arises.

Tamarind                                 1/2cup(deseeded)
Dates                                          8-10(deseeded)
Jaggery                                     1cup
Salt                                              1-1.5tsp

Coriander powder                 2tsp
Asafoetida(hing)                    a pinch
Red chilli powder                   2tsp
Garam masala powder        1tsp
Black salt                                   1/2tsp
Roasted cumin powder        2tsp
  • Soak tamarind and dates separately using warm water and set aside for 2-3 hours.
  • Take the soaked dates(reserve the drained water)in a blender and prepare a paste.
  • Transfer into a soup pot.
  • In the same blending jar blend tamarind with little water and extract pulp using a strainer.
  • Do this until fibre is visible,needs about 1.5-2 cups of water.
  • Add the tamarind extract into the pot containing dates pulp along with jaggery,salt and bring to a nice rolling boil.
  • Reduce the flame to low and boil for 15-20 minutes.switch off the flame and let it cool
  • In a small seasoning pan roast on low heat coriander powder,asafoetida,red chilli powder carefully without burning the ingredients.
  • Switch off the heat and to this mix garam masala,black salt and roasted cumin powder and let it cool.
  • when the chutney is completely cooled add the roasted masala and mix well
  • Store in a clean dry glass bottle jar .
  • Stays good  for couple of months.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Gongura Chutney/Pachidi-Sorrel Leaves Chutney

Happy New Year 2016 to all my readers.
This is a wonderful chutney recipe of gongura leaves which I learnt from my dear friend Jaysree.She had prepared this using swiss chard instead and told me it is actually prepared using gongura which is naturally sour.Till then I had only tasted store bought 'Priya' pickle.I prepare this whenever I get a big bunch of leaves and this can also be stored in refrigerator for few days.

Gongura leaves                     2cups
Small onions                          10-15
Salt                                             to taste
Oil                                               1tbsp+1Tbsp
Masala Powder:
Mustard seeds                       1/2tsp
Red chillies                             6-7
Jeera/Cumin seeds              1/4tsp
Urad daal                                1.5tsp
coriander seeds                     1tbsp
Hing/asafoetida                   a pinch
  • Pluck only the leaves discarding the petioles from the bunch.
  • Rinse the leaves well and towel dry and roughly chop.
  • Peel and chop the onions.
  • Heat a tava and dry roast every single ingredient mentioned under the masala powder carefully one by one without over roasting on a low flame.
  • Cool and blend to make a coarse powder.
  • Heat a skillet with 1tbsp oil and sauté onions till pale.
  • Add the gongura leaves,salt and sauté.The leaves wilt and also the colour changes
  • Add little water and cook covering for 3-4 minutes.
  • When the leaves cool down a bit pulse in a blending jar just for few seconds.
  • Add the prepared masala powder and pulse some more and see that it incorporates well with the leaves,use spatula in between to mix and pulse.The texture should be coarse.
  • This is ready to serve .
  • Else heat another Tbsp of oil and sauté the prepared paste for 3-5 minutes.
  • Tastes best when served with steamed rice mixed with ghee and this chutney
I have used regular onions that come in smaller size.Any variety can be used.

This is how the leaves look like-

The making of chutney-


Monday, 21 December 2015

Eggless Blueberry Muffin (With Dried berries )

This is one of the best eggless cake tried out recently thanks to Raks kitchen .I have just modified the method of preparation.i.e.,steps that I follow while baking.Here the fresh ones have been replaced with dried berries instead(thanks to my sis Anu who got a nice pack of dried blueberries ).I had baked cupcakes using fresh blueberries long long time ago and can still remember how the berries had let their juices melt  into the cake while baking and it was perfect.The idea of macerating(soaking) struck me and there was no looking back as I love my silicon flower cup cake moulds too!!!and one more eggless cake recipe...yippeeee and it was delicious :) and worth trying out.

All purpose flour/Maida                    1.5cups(minus 3tbsp)
Cornflour                                                 3tbsp
Baking soda                                            1/2tsp
Baking powder                                      1tsp
Powdered sugar                                    3/4cup
Blueberries                                             1/2cup
Curd/yogurt                                           1cup
Oil                                                               1/2cup
Vanilla essence                                      1tsp
Salt                                                             a pinch(optional)

  • Soak the dried berries with little warm water just  for 3-4 hours.
  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.
  • Line muffin moulds  with paper cups and grease with oil,if using silicon moulds just grease with oil.
  • Sieve maida,cornflour,baking soda and baking powder 2-3 times.
  • In a bowl first whisk curd and sugar well and then add oil and whisk some more.
  • Add vanilla then the sifted flour in batches and gently fold the batter.
  • Fold in the berries and combine well.
  • Pour into the prepared moulds until 3/4 full(as it will puff up while baking)
  • Bake for 18-20 minutes or until the tester comes out clean.
  • Tranfer on a wire rack gently sliding out of the mould if using paper cups as the heat will make the cake continue cook further and become dry.For silicon moulds just shake and lightly press the corners and slowly slide over the wirerack to prevent over baking.
  • Perfect snack with a hot cup of coffee or tea.