Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Batate Bhaji-Potato/Aloo dry subzi

Batata in Konkani refers to potato and bhaji means subzi. This is my most favourite vegetable and which rarely runs out of stock in my kitchen. I generally cook it up along with something else that goes into the pressure cooker as it is the one who comes into my rescue when I am clueless about what to cook.... as something cooked out of a boiled potato is enough to tickle your palettes :)
Large potatoes(boiled,peeled)               3 nos
3 nos

{peeled,diced into thin slices }
Green chilli(slit into 2-3pieces)              1
Mustard seeds                                              3/4tsp
Cumin/jeera                                                 3/4tsp
Urad daal                                                     1tsp
Chana daal                                                  1 tsp
Pepper powder                                          a pinch
Curry leaves                                               5-6
Turmeric powder/haldi                        1/2-3/4 tsp
Oil                                                                  1.5tbsp
Salt to taste
Chopped fresh coriander                     1/2 tbsp

  • Heat oil in a wok.
  • Toss in the mustard,let crackle,then jeera and after it sizzles add chana daal,urad daal,saute till colour changes.
  • Add green chilli,curry leaves followed by dices onions.
  • Saute till pale,add turmeric,stir.add 1/4 cup water and cook covered on medium heat for couple of minutes.
  • Once the onions are tender add salt to taste and potatoes(mashed with hands)add little water if it is too dry.
  • Add fresh coriander,cover and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Serves as a good accompaniment with puri,chapathi,masala dosa.
  • Texture should be according to the need.i.e., for puri,chapathi it should be semi-solid whereas for masala dosa stuffing it should be dry.
Have added only 1 green chilli as it belongs to the spicy variety.Increase/decrease as per spice requirements.
Can add 1/2 tsp grated ginger,1/2 tsp fine chopped garlic to the seasoning along with onions,enhances the flavour
Can add 1 chopped tomato and 1/4 cup fresh green peas as well.
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