Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Bhenda Alle Piyavu-(Lady's finger cooked in a spicy coconut sauce and flavoured with onion and ginger)

This is a totally traditional recipe of the GSB community of Mangalore region.I love this dish as I have grown up eating this one but my Mom-in law prepares this dish with a vegetable called breadfruit.Itseems this curry can be prepared with fish as well ,but,sorry I do not have any idea as I have never cooked anything beyond egg in NV.This is a curry which has delicate flavour of ginger and onion with lots of coconut which makes your portion of rice double as this tastes best with rice,that too boiled rice.

Lady's finger,tender ones            20 nos
Onion (M)sliced                        3-4(abt 1.5cups)
Ginger chopped                         1tsp
Green chilli(slit)                        1
Salt                                            to taste
lime juice                                  1/2tsp

For Masala:
Fresh coconut                           1cup
Roasted red chillies                  3-4
(byadagi variety)
Tamarind                                  size of chickpea
For seasoning:
Coconut oil                                1.5tsp

  • Wash the lady's finger and towel dry,later cut into pieces.
  • Prepare a masala paste with mentioned ingredients to a smooth consistency.
  • In a pan take the chopped onions,slit ladys' finger,salt,green chilli.
  • Add a cup of water with 1/2tsp lime juice and bring to boil.
  • Cover and cook for 2 minutes , add chopped ginger and the ground masala.
  • Bring to a good boil.Add required water to get a curry consistency.
  • Cover and cook till lady's finger and onions are tender.
  • Finally drizzle fresh coconut oil,cook for another 1 minute.
  • Switch off.
  • Goes good with rice.

Other variants instead of Lady's finger are Malabar cucumber(magge in Konkani,dosakai in Telugu,Manglur sauthe in Kannada);Breadfruit(jeevkadgi in Konkani,Deevi halasu in kannada);Potato.
In case of these vegetables-then take the sliced vegetable along with chopped ginger and green chillies with little salt and pressure cook it with little water to 1-2 whistles(time taken by that particular vegetable)

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