Sunday, 23 November 2014

Green Gram Spicy daal-Muga Sarupkari

This is one of the simplest accompaniment that goes good with rice.Sarupkari is something that is like a soup with beans in it.It gets ready in minutes and  outcome is so tasty and healthy and packed with whole lot of nutrition that nothing can comfort u on a tired /lazy day or when you are clueless what to cook,or When you are out of stock of veggies at home.

Whole green moong                 1/2 cup
Salt                                                 to taste
Garlic flakes                               5-6
Red chillies                                 3-4
Water to pressure cook         3 cups (approx)
Oil                                                   1 tbsp.
  •  Wash green moong and pressure cook adding water (just after the first whistle is about to start,turn the flame to sim,cook for 5 minutes.while switching off turn to high,when the whistle is abt to blow,switch off.)
  • once the pressure is down,transfer the boiled daal to a soup pot,add salt and bring to boil
  • in a small frying pan take the mentioned amount of oil and heat it up. Add garlic(lightly crushed),let it turn brown.add chillies(break into pieces),let it also roast.
  •  Pour this into the soup pot and bring to one boil.switch off.
  •  Serve with hot steamed rice with some simple subzi,pickle and papad
  • The most comfort food around,also serves as a quick fix healthy meal.
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