Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sambarpalli Panna Kadi-Country Borage Simmered in Coconut Masala

Sambarpalli leaves as said in Konkani,country borage,mexican mint,while in kannada they call it 'dodda patra' and so on...
This is a healthy curry that can be prepared with minimal ingredients that are easily available at home.This herb is commonly used to treat cough,sore throats and cold related problems.I prepare this quite often thanks to a potted plant in my balcony.It is very easy to grow as a cutting can grow into a new plant within weeks.I suggest one and all to plant one in your garden,balcony .It comes very handy as chewing one raw leaf  is also regarded very healthy.
Here goes an easy recipe that I learnt from my Mom.Kadi means a curry in Konkani that has roasted peppercorns,jeera and are seasoned mostly with garlic.There are few more to go in this pattern using brined gooseberry,dried pomegranate peels,which may sound weird but tastes delicious and are health friendly too!! :)
For more info on this herb go Here.

Fresh sambarpalli leaves                                   6-8(washed and towel dried)
Black peppercorns                                                8-10
Cumin(jeera)                                                          3/4tsp
Fresh grated coconut                                          1/2cup
Red chillies(roasted)                                          1-2
Tamarind                                                                size of a chickpea

Salt to taste
Ghee(clarified butter)                                        1/4tsp

For tempering:
Ghee(clarified butter)/oil                                1tsp
Garlic cloves                                                         6-7


  • In a pan,on medium heat 1/4tsp ghee and roast peppercorns,once they start to pop add jeera(cumin) and roast some more
  • To this add the leaves,just tearing into rough pieces with your fingers and saute till gets wilted.
  • Add the fresh coconut,tamarind,salt to taste and switch off the heat
  • Take the roasted ingredients into a blendig jar and blend to smooth paste adding required consistency.
  • Transfer the blended paste into a soupot and add some more water to get a soupy pouring consistency(as much needed to go with rice)
  • Bring this to boil and cook for 5 minutes on low heat.
  • Meanwhile in a small seasoning pan heat 1tsp ghee and brown the crushed garlic,but carefully on low heat.
  • Pour this into the soupot.
  • Healthy and tastes yum with white/boiled red rice.

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