Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Super Soft Cottony Dosa-Rice,Split Black Lentil and Beaten Rice Spongy Pancakes

This is wonderful recipe of a soft and spongy dosa that will definitely make your tummy yummy.The ingredients required are a  few and the result is super soft and nice dosas.I have even tried making onion uttappam using the same batter and that was lipsmacking good.The recipe belongs to none other than,Ms.Nandini Kini, from a food group where we both happen to be members and whose recipes are always superb and I go ahead in preparing without any second thought.I have posted few of her recipes earlier in this blog.

Dosa Rice                                          3cups
Urad daal
(split black gram)                         1/4cup
Beaten rice(poha,
thick variety )                                 1cup
Water                                                for soaking and grinding the batter
Salt                                                    to taste(1-1.5tsp,apprx)

  • Wash and soak both rice and urad daal after 2-3 changes of water and let it soak for 3 hours.
  • In a separate bowl wash poha and soak with water  for 3 hours.
  • Drain out the excess water and grind everything together using either a mixer blender or a wet grinder,I use the latter.
  • Blend/grind to smooth consistency like any other batter(do not add a lot of water,it should be like idli/dosa batter).
  • Transfer the blended batter into a vessel ,add salt and mix well(the vessel should have atleast 4-5 inches of extra space in height as once pouring the batter it goes for fermentation overnight and also rises in volume)
  • Let the batter ferment overnight.
Preparing dosas:
  • Mix the batter well with a ladle first.
  • Heat a griddle(mine is cast iron)apply a little oil and spread all over.
  • Keep a small bowl with water and also a kitchen paper towel or a small cotton cloth.
  • Dip this in water,squeeze and wipe the oil smeared griddle.
  • Take  a ladleful of batter and pour and gently press and shape to form a circle.
  • Cover and cook on low flame till no spots of uncooked batter are found.
  • This dosa is cooked only on one side.
  • Repeat the procedure for the remaining dosas too.
  • Serve topping with butter(optional)with chutney of your choice along with a  cup of hot coffee or tea.

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