Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Carrot and Cucumber Kosambari-Carrot and Cucumber Salad

This is a simple and yummy salad that can be prepared in no time as the ingredients are easily available at home.A perfect way to beat the heat and also boost up health or as an add-on to a wonderful spread.

Split green gram daal(moong daal)                        2 tsp
Tender cucumber
(chopped into small squares)                                    1/2cup
Carrot(peeled,grated)                                                  1 nos
Green chilli(chopped)                                                  1 nos
Salt                                                                                      to taste
Lime juice                                                                         to taste
Fresh chopped coriander leaves                             2tsp
For tempering:
Oil                                                                                       1tsp
Mustard seeds                                                               1/2tsp
Hing(asafoetida)                                                         2 pinches
Curry leaves                                                                 3-4
Fresh grated coconut                                               1-2tsp


  • Wash and soak daal for 30 minutes,drain out the water.
  • Take the soaked daal,grated carrots,chopped cucumberin a bowl.
  • Add salt to taste,chopped green chillies and lime juice.
  • Give a stir with a spoon.
  • In a small seasoning pan heat up the oil,toss in the mustard and let it crackle.
  • Add hing,curry leaves,coconut and mix with a spoon.
  • Switch off the flame and pour this over the mixed salad.
  • Add fresh chopped corainder and mix it up.

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