Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mixed Vegetables And Paneer(Cottage Cheese) Pepper Stir Fry.

This is the simplest Stir fry that I prepare once in a while and it is loved by everyone at home and I prepare this whenever I have variety of fresh veggies in stock.We all love this to eat like a starter rather than an accompaniment.It can me made using different combination of vegetables.Even broccoli,mushrooms taste great.It hardly takes time in preparation.The more effort is needed in dicing the vegetables rather than the time needed to cook.Please try this out and let me know :)

Red Capsicum                                    1/2  nos
Yellow capsicum                               1/2 nos
Onion(M)                                             1nos
Carrot(S)                                             1nos
Green chilli                                         1-2
Cubed paneer                                    6-8 pieces
Green beans                                       2-3
Salt                                                        to taste
Pepper powder                                 1/2tsp
Oil                                                          2-3tsp

  • Slit beans diagonally,capsicum,carrot,onion and green chilli to thin pieces.
  • In a skillet add carrots and green beans and sprinkle 2tbsp of water.
  • Cover and cook till water evaporates(beans and carrots would be tender)
  • Add sliced onions,oil and saute till pale and add green chillies,capsicum(both colour)and saute adding salt to taste,pepper powder and cubed paneer pieces.Give a gentle toss
  • Cover and cook on low flame for a minute or so.
  • Serve hot immediately as the veggies will lose their crunchiness.
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