Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Seeme badane Upkari(subzi)- Sauteed Chayote Squash with spices and Fresh coconut

"Upkari" in Konkani means shallow fried,sauteed and cooked.This is similar to palya, poriyal,thoran prepared in other South Indian States.It can be prepared with different vegetables or even combining two or more.An excellent accompaniment with rice and daal or can snack it in a bowl as well.Here is an easy recipe with Chayote Squash(seeme badane in Kannada/Konkani,Bengalur Katirika in Tamil,Bengalur vankaya in Telugu and Chow Chow in general)a less familiar vegetable in most kitchens.I just love it and use it in sambhars,Ambat(a Konkani curry) too.

Chayote squash                              2 nos
Salt                                                       to taste
Fresh grated coconut(optional) 2 tbsp.

For seasoning:
Oil                                       3tsp
Mustard seeds              1tsp
Urad daal                       1tsp
Chana daal                    1tsp
Red chillies                   2-3
Curry leaves                5-6

  • Peel,wash and chop the cubes into small squares(there will be a soft seed within,can be discarded or used.I use it)
  • Heat oil in a wok.
  • Toss in mustard,after cracklin add chana daal,then urad daal,red chillies,curry leaves and roast till daals turn golden
  • Add the chopped squash,fresh coconut(if using)ans stir on high heatadding salt to taste for a minute
  • Add little water and cover it cooking further on a low flame,checking in between for lack of mositure,if so sprinkle little water
  • Once the squash is tender it is done.
Serve as an accompaniment with rice/roti and daal.

Below is the pic of Chayote Squash-

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