Thursday, 6 August 2015

Chillies In Vinegar

You may have noticed in your visits to Chinese restaurants where a tray with 2-3 kinds of sauces are placed like, red chilli garlic ,soy sauce,tomato ketchup and chillies in vinegar.This recipe is nothing but chillies in vinegar.It is an easy recipe as just involves mixing up of two main and only ingredients viz., chopped green chillies and white vinegar.Thanks to the preservative property of vinegar this can be stored for days together and used as required to suit your tastebuds.It can be used as a flavour and taste enhancer with starters,soups,rice or noodles.

Green chillies,chopped           1tbsp
White Vinegar                           1/2cup

  • Towel dry the chillies to get rid of any traces of water.
  • Combine chopped chillies and vinegar in a bowl.
  • Store in a glass bottle which is absolutely clean and dry
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