Monday, 5 January 2015

Stuffed Baby Brinjals-Bharwa Baingan

Here is an easy and tasty recipe of stuffed brinjals/eggplant/aubergine/baingan/Vaingan that is one of our most favourites and goes good with rice and rotis.This awesome recipe belongs to my dear sister Ms.Anu Pai, who is an incredible cook.

Baby brinjals       10-12
Onion(m)               1
Tomato(m)           1
Oil                            2-3tbsp
Mustard seeds    1tsp
curry leaves        5-6

For masala:
Chana daal                   1tsp
Coriander seeds          3-4tsp
Cinnamon                     small piece
peanuts                          1tbsp
onion(S)                        1
garlic clove                   1

Salt                                   to taste
Jaggery                          1-2tsp
Red chillies(byadagi)    5-6


  • Take brinjals,make vertical cross slits only till 3/4th i.e., without breaking the quarters and let soak in water.
  • With little oil in a small pan roast on medium flame chana daal,dhania,cinnamon and peanuts till done and put in a blending jar
  • In the same pan with little oil saute onions,garlic to light brown
  • Add this into the blending jar of spices
  • Add salt to taste,jaggery and blend to a semi-coarse paste adding very little water.
  • Drain the brinjals and stuff with the prepared masala.
  • eat oil in a pan.Toss in mustard seeds,curry leaves followed by chopped onions,lightly brown them and add chopped tomatoes sprinkling little salt till they are slightly mushy.
  • Add the stuffed brinjals and saute on high heat for a minute or two.
  • Add remaining masala if any and little water.
  • Cover and cook till a fork pierced into a brinjal easily gets in.

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