Monday, 12 January 2015

Agase/Alsi Dry Chutney -Flax Seed Dry Chutney

Flaxseed is regarded as one of the most powerful plant food.It has the capacity to reduce the risk of heat disease,diabetes,stroke,cancer,etc.,It is high in Omega-3 fatty acids,antioxidants and fibre,if used in daily diet can be beneficial to a healthy living.It acts as a good substitute for egg in cakes.
Here is an interesting recipe that I had come across in a TV Channel.

Chana daal  (split yellow peas)  2tbsp
Urad daal  (split black gram)    2tbsp
Flaxseeds(agase/alsi)                           4tbsp
Dry coconut                                     1/2cup
Tamarind                                         chickpea sized
Red chillies                                     5 byadagi and 2 guntur
Dates(deseed)                               2-3
Salt                                                    to taste(1tsp,apprx)


  • Dry roast on medium flame chana daal till colour changes,urad daal till a nice aroma is felt and colour changes,set on a plate.
  • Dry roast flax seeds till its aroma is felt and it starts crackling and popping .
  • Also roast red chillies to crisp and dry coconut till light golden.
  • Take everything in a clean and dry blending jar,chop the dates before adding.
  • Blend to a nice powder consistency.
  • Store in a clean dry jar.
  • Serve with rice,rotis,dosas etc.,

  • Roast the ingredients on a medium flame carefully.
  • Dates can be substituted with jaggery/light brown sugar.
  • Can also add a flake of crushed garlic while roasting.

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