Friday, 13 February 2015

Useful Cooking Tip/Trick #1-Cooking Beetroot

Apart from cooking we also look forward to learn some tips-it may be some shortcut or to avoid some mistakes happening.Here is an useful tip for cooking beets along with anything in the pressure cooker.Generally beetroot takes some time to cook directly on stovetop and needs to be pressure cooked(I like it to be soft) for preparing any dish out of it.When it is cooked with something else the colour of beets get easily mixed up.Here is an amazing tip and it really works keeping the colours intact.I have tried cooking it even with daal and there was no smudging of colours at all!!!!!


Here is a look of cooked beets along with cabbage-

  • You may notice there is no smudging of colours(have placed beets in a container with a steel ring/plate on base,just for support adding very little water and had sprinkled sugar)
  • This way time and energy(fuel) can be saved.
  • As beets are naturally sweet ,adding sugar does not make any difference in terms of taste.

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