Thursday, 26 February 2015

Mushti Polo-Rice and Lentil Dosa/Pancake

"Mushti" means fist and "Polo "means dosa/pancake in Konkani and so is the name of the dosa-Mushti Polo.In this particular recipe the measures are in cups and puffed paddy is measured in fist.This is a spongy variety of dosa that goes good with any kind of coconut chutney and one of the favourites among Konkans and also there are numerous ways to make this dosa.I have followed this recipe from a food group and the credit goes to Ms.Vijaya Shenoy whose recipes are damn good.I like this recipe as it needs no coconut(other recipes for this particular dosa need a little,so,good when you are out of stock of fresh grated coconut).
One more important thing in this dosa is about the holes that form as soon as a ladle of batter is poured.The sooner and more number of holes are formed then it means a perfect mushti polo,and definitely not an issue with this recipe.Many of them don't prepare this dosa as the batter needs to be perfect which is a tough task during cold seasons.I use a grinder to prepare the batter which may be one reason for nice and spongy dosas irrespective of the weather.I will post the dosa recipe with coconut in my future posts.

Dosa rice                                                        1.5cups
Urad daal(split black gram)                 1/4cup
Methi seeds(fenugreek)                          1tsp
Puffed paddy(lai,aralu)                         2 fistful

  • Wash and soak both rice and urad daal together for 5-6 hours.
  • Soak methi seeds separately in a small bowl with warm water.
  • Wash the puffed paddy,discard any husks if found,squeeze using a strainer.
  • Blend everything to a smooth batter using required amount of water with the help of a mixer blender or a grinder(the batter in the grinder becomes really awesome).
  • Transfer this into a steel/plastic container 
  • Add salt and mix the batter nicely and let it ferment overnight.

Preparing dosas:
  • Mix the fermented batter well with a ladle.
  • In a small bowl take 1/2cup of water and add 1/4tsp oil.
  • Heat the griddle.
  • Dip and squeeze a small towel into  the water mixed with oil.
  • Rub it all over the heated griddle.
  • Take a ladleful of batter and pour to form a circle.Spread it lightly(as these are thick dosas)
  • Cover and cook turning the flame to medium.
  • No flipping is needed for this dosa.
  • Repeat the same procedure for making remaining dosas.
  • Serve with chutney of your choice.
  • Here I have used puffed paddy instead of Poha (beaten rice) as mentioned in the original recipe 
  • Using poha will result in dark brown base,and sometimes it even sticks to the griddle.This is a thick variety of dosa and needs couple of minutes to cook so using puffed paddy or puffed rice is advisable.

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