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Kultha Koddhel-HorseGram in a Spicy Coconut Gravy Seasoned with Garlic.

"Kulith" is nothing but a Konkani term for horsegram/kulthi.Koddhel"  means a curry that is having the basic coconut,tamarind and red chillies masala,a little spicier than other curries like ambat and ghashi and it is always seasoned with browing crushed garlic in oil.This curry can be made with beans like rajma(kidney beans),whole tuvar(pigeon peas),Tingalavro(navy beans/northern beans) and so on.It can also be made with vegetables like raw banana and Sambhar/Mangalore Cucumber.This dish is authentically Konkani stuff and happens to be one of the favourites in Amchi homes and usually a Saturday special(as horsegram is preferably eaten on Saturday).A permutation and combination of seasonal vegetables are applied in this curry.The basic kulitha kodddel will have only horsegram and any one of the vegetable(sambhar cucumber,banana stem,chinese potato,malabar spinach,bamboo shoot).Here I have used  jackfruit seeds,bilimbi(which is a sour vegetable),tender raw jackfruit chunks and a little spinach and a few stems of it.

Horsegram                                                1/2cup
Jackfruit seeds(optional)                   6-8(crushed a little)
Tender jackfruit chunks
(cooked) ,or use canned ones            10-12
Bilimbi/tree sorrel/bimbul                2-3
Fresh Malabar Spinach,
chopped                                                     1cup(with a few tender stems)
Salt                                                              to taste

For Masala:
Fresh grated coconut                         3/4cup
Red chillies(roasted)                          5-6
Tamarind                                                pea size(if not using bilimbi/bimbul)

For seasoning:
Oil                                                              1tbsp
Crushed garlic flakes                        8-10

  • First clean the horsegram as it may have tiny sand,stones or some weed that looks similar to the horsegram.(discard anything other than horsegram)
  • Wash and soak it for 8-10 hours.
  • Take the soaked horsegram,the jackfruit seeds,stored ones(if using)in a pressure cooker with 2-2.5cups of water.
  • Pressure cook for a whistle then cook lowering the flame for another 20 minutes(this makes the horsegram soft and nice),if using fresh jackfruit seeds then place in a separare bowl and after 5-10 minutes of pressure cooking take it out and pressure cook horsegram for further 10 minutes.
  • Drain in a colander,saving the water for further cooking purpose.
  • Make the masala using coconut,chillies and tamarind(preferably using the pressure cooked water).
  • In a soup pot add the chopped spinach,tender stems,bimbul(if using)and bring it to boil with the pressure cooked water,cook till soft and then add the horse gram,boiled jackfruit chunks,and salt to taste and bring to a nice boil.
  • Add the prepared masala ,adjust the consistency using reserved pressure cooked water and boil for another few minutes till the raw flavour of masala fades.
  • Meanwhile in a small saucepan heat oil and roast crushed garlic to a nice golden colour and pour this into the curry.
  • Tastes heaven when served with rice and happens to be amchis favourite.

Use of tamarind may be skipped if bilimbi/bimbul is used.

 Bilimbi/bimbul/tree sorrel-

Malabar spinach/Vaali-
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