Monday, 25 September 2017

Doodh Paak/Rice Pudding

This is a very simple and tasty dessert that can be prepared in minutes.It can be used as offering during festivites.It tastes good if served warm or cold.Here i have not used any food colour.If desired can be added too.I have used basmathi rice here as it is aroamtic by itself.Even jeera rice is a good option and in case of unavailability in pantry any other variety of rice(white) may be used.
Basmati rice                                  2-3 fistful
Milk                                                   3-4 cups
Water                                               1/2cup
Sugar                                               1/4-1/2cup

(cardamom) powder                  1/2tsp
Cashew nuts                                   1tbsp
Raisins                                             8-10
Ghee                                                  2tsp
Saffron strands a few(soaked in warm milk)


  • Soak raisins with little water in a bowl.
  • In a heavy bottom pan add a cup of milk and bring to boil
  • Wash rice and add when the milk begins to boil.
  • Cook till soft stirring at intervals adding additional water/milk if it becomes too dry.
  • When rice becomes soft add sugar and saffron
  • Cook for a further few minutes.
  • Add elaichi and give a nice stir.
  • In a small seasoning pan heat ghee and roast cashewnuts to golden and add the raisins(drain and dab with a paper towel or a washcloth)saute gently and switch off.
  • Add this to the kheer,mix well and switch off.
Alternate method:
  • The rice can be pressure cooked adding the said quantity of water and 2 cups of milk.
  • Once the first whistle is about to start simmer the flame and cook for 5-8minutes and switch off.
  • once the pressure releases add the remaining milk then add sugar and continue cooking using above method.
  • Add more milk if the texture becomes solid.

A fistful of sago pearls can also be added along with rice.It tastes great.

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