Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Ripe mango chutney

Mango season is here and i see a wide variety of mangoes in the market.This wonderful fruit can be consumed in various forms.There are innumerable recipes using mangoes. This is a simple yet mouthwatering chutney recipe which was unknown to me.I learnt this one from my mother-in-law.In Konkani it is known as pikkal ambe gojju,meaning ripe mango chutney and known with the name"Andurli" which sounds a little funny :) but tastes heavenly with rice.

Mangoes(ripe)            2 nos
Green chillies              1-2
Garlic flakes                2-3
Salt                                  to taste
Jaggery                         to taste
Coconut oil 
(for garnish)                1-2 tsp


  • Using a mixie jar or a mortar/pestle blend salt,green chilli and garlic to a paste.
  • Add this to a mixing bowl.
  • Wash the jar with little water and reserve this to squeeze out pulp from the peels
  • Peel mangoes and set the peels aside.
  • In a small bowl take the peels, using the reserved water gently squeeze  to extract the mango pulp and  discard the peels.
  • Reserve this for adjusting the texture later.
  • Take the mangoes in a bowl containing the chilli garlic paste and gently squeeze the mangoes to extract pulp using hands.(if you like to chew mangoes then do not squeeze out the pulp completely)
  • Add jaggery to taste(2tbsp apprx)
  • The consistency should  be thick ,so, care should be taken while adding water.
  • This chutney should have all four tastes,viz.,sweet,sour,salt and spicy.
  • Tranfer into a serving bowl and drizzle the coconut oil on top and give a light stir.
  • Best served with rice or as a side dish in a meal.

The mangoes that are more sour and less sweet will be a best choice for this recipe.
Use chillies,jaggery as per taste requirements.

Serving suggestion:

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