Thursday, 10 September 2015

Batate Humman-Potatoes in Coconut Gravy with The Flavour Of Asafoetida

"Humman" means a gravy that has the basic masala but it is seasoned with raw coconut oil rather than tempering and the key flavour is of Asafoetida(hing)This is a signature Konkani curry that has no onion,garlic added but the flavour of asafoetida and raw coconut oil make it lipsmacking.This curry can also be served with neerdosa,shevai(steamed rice noodles),dosa etc
For fish lovers itseems if potatoes are substituted with shrimp/prawns and the number of chillies increased for spiceness will make a delicious curry..
So fish lovers may try that version too!!
Boiled potatoes(M)                          3 nos
Salt                                                         to taste
Water                                                    as required to prepare
                                                                 masala and cooking the curry
For masala:
Fresh grated coconut                     3/4cup
Roasted red chillies                        4-5(combine byadagi for a nice colour)
Tamarind                                            size of a small berry

For Seasoning:
Coconut oil                                       2tsp
Hing extract                                    a few drops(or use powder)

  • Peel the boiled potatoes and dice into chunks.
  • Take the chunks with about 1.5cups of water in a soup pot/vessel,add salt as per taste requirements and bring to boil.
  • With the back of the laddle just crush a few potatoes just like that.
  • Meanwhile assemble the ingredients of masala in a blending jar and prepare a smooth paste adding required water.
  • Add the prepared masala to the boiling potatoes and do the texture adjustments.
  • Once the masala begins to boil add the hing extract and boil for few more minutes till the raw flavour of blended masala fades,say for 5-7 minutes on medium heat.
  • Add the coconut oil on top of the gravy,boil for a further one minute and switch off the heat.
  • Best served with white,red rice,neer dosa,Shevai(steamed rice noodles)and so on..

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