Thursday, 17 December 2015

Vaali Ambat-Spinach and Cucumber cooked in a Spicy coconut sauce and Seasoned with onions

I have already posted a couple of ambat recipes before  in this blog whereas each combination has a peculiar taste.'Vaali' is the Konkani term of the spinach and ambat means a type of gravy.This curry is native to Mangalore-udupi belt and prepared by GSB Konkani community and tastes heavenly when served with white rice and heavenliest with red boiled rice. 

Spinach(Malabar variety)
(washed and chopped)
also a few tender stems                            3cups
chunks(peeled)                                             1cup
Tuvar daal,cooked
(split pigeon peas)                                       1/4 cup
Onion(L)finely chopped                            1 nos(reserve 2tbsp for seasoning)
Turmeric powder/haldi                            1/4tsp
Jaggery                                                            1/4tsp
Salt                                                                     to taste

For masala:
Fresh grated coconut                                1/2cup
Roasted red chillies                                   3-4
Tamarind                                                       size of a peanut

For seasoning :
Oil                                                                      1tbsp

  • Pressure cook spinach leaves along with its tender stems,cucumber chunks,chopped onion along with turmeric and a dash of salt  adding 2cups of water to just 1 whistle then cook on a low flame for 2-3 minutes.
  • Tansfer the pressure cooked contents into a soup pot.
  • Take out a little water and use it for preparing masala and texture adjustments
  • Add salt to taste,cooked daal and jaggery and bring to boil.
  • Meanwhile prepare a smooth masala paste with the mentioned ingredients.
  • Add this masala paste to the soup pot and boil some more adding required amount of water to get a gravy consistency.
  • In a small seasoning pan heat the oil and roast the reserved onions adding a pinch of salt to golden brown and drop into the pot of gravy.
  • Boil for one more minute.
  • Since the roasted onion is used here,the gravy thickens after sometime.
Cucumber may be substituted with peeled and cubed raw papaya(the best and authentic combination)or even peeled and cubed chayote chunks.
Similarly spinach(palak) may be substituted instead of Malabar spinach.

Mangalore/Madras/Malabar cucumber-
Malabar Spinach(vaali)-
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